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Sunday, 3 February 2013


 Our weekend started really well because we got an enormous parcel from Merica from Auntie Kate and The Hand and George and Gund and Nigel who sent us loads of stuff and Moo thought the Moo Doo was really funny. We haven't eaten any of those yet (they are jelly beans really) but we tried the snowman doo and they were dead good!
 We thought the weekend couldn't get any better and then Mummy said we were going to Scardeburg to stay in a hotel overnight and see the sea. We went to play on the penny slot machines that cost tuppence and we had a really successful time because we won loads of swag. I got all this stuff and mummy got a watch and a garden gnome. It was only a little gnome and it will end up in a houseplant pot. The pink jewel is for my hoard. All dragons have a treasure hoard and the last time we went to the seaside I won a big pink jewel. This can go with it. I think I shall let Dewi have the blue jelly bean though because he has a big bag to keep his stash in and it's not very full.
Today we went for a long walk by the beach and it was very blowy so we sheltered under this iron thing and just enjoyed the view. You can't really see very much except the hill where the castle is and the pier. There's a lighthouse too but you can't see it in this photo.

We all had our warm clothes on because it was dead cold! I had my snowball jumper on and that was a good thing because it snowed yesterday! Bamburgh had his thick jumper and a scarf on, and Dewi had lots of layers all the way up to his body warmer. He had a scarf on too, with a snowflake pin that he got for christmas. It was really suitable for this weekend because it was cold but it was good fun too.

I hope you all had good weekends as well.


  1. I love playing those arcade games too!!! So pleased you got a big stash, too!!

  2. Those arcade games are great fun! Beanie introduced me to them in Brighton last year - "more tuppence, more tuppence"!! It can be cold by the sea at this time of year, but you guys all look well-bundled!

  3. That looks like a great break Eldritch. Can you still get hot donuts on the pier in Scarborough? I used to love a hot donut followed by a Jaconelli's (sp???) lemon and vanilla icecream....

  4. We like Pacitto's ice cream better

  5. Ooooh - I've not tried them - I will do a comparison taste teste next time I am there. Thanks for the tip!