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Saturday, 17 December 2011

We have had a nice day

We've had a really nice day today. First of all me and Moo got dressed up as Santas. He's got a full Santa outfit including welly boots but I wore my Christmas jumper and a hat.
First of all we went to do some shopping at our favourite farm shop at Denstone. Mummy wanted to get some bacon and some sausages for Christmas.

We went to the cafe and had a mince pie. It was yummy. We had hot chocolate too.

And then we went and met Santa! How cool is that? We told him we'd been good and he said we could have nice stuff when he comes to see us down our chimney. He told us a story about a brave man who rescued some sailors from drowning who's going to get a medal.

And then to top it off we got to go for a burger at our local diner and we introduced Dewi to curly fries. He'd never had them before. What a lovely time we had!


  1. Looks like you all had a great day. Mint spies, curly fries and Santa Claus! Wow! I wish we had one of those diners near us those curly fries look yummy.

  2. Mint spies are the best - they creep round at night checking up on you....with very fresh breath...

  3. Wonderful Christmas outfits! Beary Happy Holidays!