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Saturday, 9 July 2011

New t-shirt and a new friend

Mummy went shopping to buy me a new t-shirt yesterday and she bought more than she thought. She went to the build a bear shop and she found me a wonderful new shirt, but it was being modeled by a dragon!

His name was Dexter and he was really cute and good looking. I spose you have to be cute and good looking to be a model. Anyway she said did he want to come and live with other dragons because he was in among lots of bears and stuff and didn't have other dragons to talk to. And he said yes!

So this is Dexter. He's only a distant relative of ours because he's green and we come from a long line of red dragons (which means we have Welsh ancestry) but we were still really pleased to have him come and live with us. You have to admit he's very good looking.

But so am I. This is me in my new t-shirt. Mummy said we could do a proper fashion shoot with me wearing my new stuff. I got the sleeveless hoodie while we were on holiday in the museum place and this t-shirt goes really well with it. Dexter says it's called Urban and so mummy did a city sort of background to go with it. Apparently, if I wore trousers I would need to have them half way down my tail to complete the look. I think I'm glad I don't wear trousers.

He showed me some model-type poses to make the clothes look really good.


  1. Hi Dexter. Nice T-shirt Eldritch.

  2. Oh Snazzy!!! You make a Very Good Model!!!!

  3. Thank you Found Art. I had a good teacher.

  4. Eldrich !!! u look so cooooooool nd stylish. Hello Dexter xxxx Scottish hugggs to you

  5. Hi Dexter, welcome!

  6. Nice to meet you Dexter!

    Eldritch - you make a very good model. And you are certainly 'Legendary'.

  7. Hello Dexter! Eldritch will be a great pal!

  8. Hello Dexter, nice to meet you!