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Sunday, 20 February 2011

A trip and lots of cake

We went away with mummy and Uncclecle Kevin this weekend and we stayed in a lovely hotel that had this lovely picture on the wall. I think it's supposed to be Yorkshire. That's where we were.

There were pretty flowers in the room. I like flowers and these were very nice but I think that they weren't real.

The cows ordered out while Mummy and Unclclcle Kevin went to dinner. They said we could have onion rings and maybe some chips.

Mummy brought some lovely cake back froma shop where they went for dinner. It's called Betty's and we think Betty is a very good baker. The cake had roobarb on it.

Afterwards we went to see the cake shop and we looked at the menu. There's loads of yummy stuff.

They even had a big cake with teddy bears on top!


  1. ohhhhh i doo lyke a trip wif lotsa cayks!!!! gud plan.

  2. Eldritch I think you are a very lucky dragon! Betty's is fab and her cake is the best. It looks as though it was cold as you have wrapped up nice and warm - did you get to have some lovely hot chocolate to warm you up?

  3. Nice trip and that cake looks sooooooo delicious!!!!! And two bears on top of the cake :-)!!!

  4. Yum, the cakes look delicious! We especially like the last cake with the two bears decorating the top!