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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Some people say that dragons are scaly and they mean our skin but me and Bamburgh were scaly this weekend in a different way. We went to a really cool museum and we found these old fashioned weighing scales!

The museum was about how they make tiles and there was a pretend butcher's shop with pictures of cows on the tiles at the back but we were more interested in the food. It looked like we were in for a nice breakfast untill we found out it was all made of wax and plaster and stuff.

In the end we got croissants and cake so we didn't mind too much!


  1. Plastic food? That must give you pain in your tummy! Please carefull what you eat! Croissants are very nice for breakfast! We eat them when we are on holiday in France and sometimes we make them ourselves! I like museums too!

  2. So how much did you and your breakfast weigh????? And how much after your croissants and cake? The sign of a good breakfast must surely be weighing considerably more afterwards....